2001-04-17 04:48:05 (UTC)

missing a piece of me.

i am entranced by this song that i passed on to a friend
but never really listened to. now i am listening and
realizing that this is my words. i am speaking to this
friend and i guess at the time i passed it on it was
subconscious. goodness. i can't understand how i could just
pass something like this up. i guess even though he is just
a friend and really will never be anything more cuz he is
my bud and i love someone already i love him just as i
would my brother. i miss his dorky ass. damn i guess you
don't realize things until it is gone but damn wasnt that a
given. i guess i was just reluctant to realize the truth.
maybe i was scared but i know i am slowly losing him. his
is probably going to leave me soon and i know for sure i
will never see him again. sucks!