Psychotic Rambles
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2002-01-18 20:22:25 (UTC)

Agree to Disagree

"Ghetto" P.O.D.


I believe that this world believes in love [x 2]

We might never really agree
On anything about the lives we live
Between you and me. So differently.

We don't always see things the same
We should agree to disagree
If we meet at love we can work it out

I believe you and I will overcome
I believe you and I believe in love

Whether you think I'm so confused
Or if you feel the way I do
So don't give in to this hate within

Living in this world of pain
Don't let it bring you down
The world is a ghetto

I believe that this world believes in love
I believe you and I believe in love

i get confused so confuses me that people can be
best friends over email, but when they face each other they
cant say a word. it confuses me that people would lie about
something so obvious. Why do people FUCKING lie?! cant they
be honest for one second of the their miserable short lives
that they dont even enjoy? cant they just swallow their
pride and do something right...make someone else feel
better instead of trying to trample them with petty
differences? i hate it. i hate people. girls especially. i
dont want to be like everyone else. i will never be one of
them! never! i will not be a jealous greedy moron intent on
getting myself ahead of the weak! allah damnit! never will
people think "how typical"

i want to go outside and sing my lungs out.funny looks.i
want to wear whatever i want to school.whispers. i want to
say i love you.pity. I want to do what i want to do! chains
of society. i want to laugh uncontrolled. silence.

why cant i skate without people laughing? why cant i laugh
without people thinking i'm crazy? why cant i be crazy
without being pitied?i pretend pretend pretend. i pretend
to be one of them. what else is there left for me to do?
but sit in this web of lies until i cant move, cant
breathe. cant rebel. cant think. cant speak. cant live.

Love love love.
no one else is willing to
love me
or the world. so in turn
i will love you
and the world.

why is it that the first time i believe in something, i
cant even have a chance? why is it that i have to make a
big deal out of things just because people expect me to?

well next year all that is changing. no one knows me there,
except for people who live in Sembach. i am going to show
them..all of them. exactly who i am. no excuses. never will
i appologize for being me! not to missy, or shanwel, or
allah knows who! if they dont like it then too bad. i will
never again hear the whispers. never again. i will just
hear my own laughter echoing through the empty hallways.