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2002-01-18 20:09:58 (UTC)


Sunday, January 13, 2002
I just saw Orange County a few hours ago. I think
it was one of the better movies I’ve seen in a long time.
Not because of the acting or writing or directing or
anything like that; it was because I could so readily
identify with the main character.
He is an aspiring writer who just wants to get the
hell out of his house. Kind of like I was (and still am).
He wants to go to Stanford, so the whole movie is about him
trying to get in. He wants to be a great writer and he
thinks the only way this can happen is if he goes to
Stanford. Of course, as always happens in movies, he finds
out that he doesn’t need Stanford. He was a great writer
all along. I wish I could have figured that out without
moving all the way down here to go to some shitty college
where I never have any fun.
I know I’ve said this before, but something has got
to change. I need something more than what I have. I need
to create. I need to write or draw or build something. I
just feel like starting something that is all me. I don’t
want to do what other people expect, I don’t want to hear
anything about the practicality of it; I just want to start
over and be successful in something that is mine.
Back to the movie:
There’s this one part where the main guy, Shawn,
thinks that college is going to be different than high
school. he thinks he’ll go there and everyone will be
reading and writing and talking about life. Instead, he
gets girls that squeal when songs come on, dance in groups,
and say ‘like’ all the time. And then it hit me: every
aspect of American life is comparable to high school. That
gives me great satisfaction because I now have something to
always compare life to. It also gives me great heart-ache
because I only had fun in high school for about 18 months
or so. That means that I will only be happy for about 3/8
of my life. That kinda sucks.

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