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2002-01-18 20:08:14 (UTC)


Tuesday, January 08, 2002
I think I figured out the secret to college. The
secret is that college is just a step. There really isn’t
any need for it unless you are going to be something
prestigious like a doctor or something. Pretty much
everything else can be learned on the job. College is a
time of life. (cue the Full House music) It’s about growing
up. Maybe not maturing totally, but it’s about growing
up. (everyone claps, our main characters hug)
You know what I need? Something that no one ever
asks for but most people need: I need to be humbled. I’ve
been so self-righteous lately that I haven’t appreciated
much. I’ve spent so much time thinking to myself (not in
here, I’ve been busy) that no one appreciates me that I
haven’t realized that it is me who is not appreciating.
Do you know that last time I looked up? You can
always tell how connected and stable a person is by how
often they look up. Do you know the last time I looked
up? Me either. I can’t remember. And hence my life is in
disarray. Or something like that. All I know is that I am
really happy a lot of the time, but I am really stressed
out a lot too and I don’t even have a job. I mean, I sat
on my ass practically all day today and my hands are
I need to be humbled.
Goddammit. I hate being humbled. It’s so

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