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2002-01-18 20:06:35 (UTC)


Epistle Four:

Sunday, January 06, 2002
I know I’ve been writing in this less and less, but
that’s a good thing, right? I mean, if there’s less to
bitch about, then there’s less to write about. How many
times can you possibly read, “My life is awesome. I love
everything about it”? But it’s pretty much true.
I mean, yeah, there are certain things about my
life that I would like more concrete. I would like to know
specifically what my future holds with Lindsay, I would
like to know what I am going to do with the rest of my life
(I don’t just want to fall into something). I would like
to know why it is I can’t stand being with someone for more
than a few hours, but when it turns to days, I can’t seem
to live without them.
For instance, I was with Lindsay all weekend. I do
mean ALL FUCKING weekend. From about 5 on Thursday to just
now (it’s a little after 10). I thought we’d fight, I
thought I’d get on her nerves, I thought she’d get on mine—
something. All that happened was that we enjoyed
ourselves. We had a really nice time just sitting around.
We did nothing. Yesterday we went sledding for about an
hour, but that was it. We sat. We ate. We played games.
I had a really good time. And now I miss her like crazy…
But on a better note…
Maybe not better.
On a different note…
This is my last chapter. It’s been almost two
years since I started this thing (OK, a year and a half,
but piss off, I’m going by semester, and I’m starting my
fourth) and it’s flown by. I wish I could have enjoyed
college more, but that whole party thing just isn’t what
I’m into. I don’t think.
My New Year’s Eve party was cool, and I got kinda
drunk at that, so maybe partying is my thing.
Either way, I just wanted to say that I think you
really helped me find who I really am. Hopefully not a
whole lot will change with me this semester. I’m just
starting to get things figured out.

I’m going to miss college. I’m getting scared all over

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