2002-01-18 20:00:50 (UTC)


Thursday, December 13, 2001
I think I figured out what true love is this week.
I know that I have said that I am in true love with
Lindsay, and I am, there is no doubt about that. What I
mean is that love in its rarest most innocent form is not
at all like what we think of as romantic love.
We all know that there are only a few people I
tolerate. These people are the people that I love. I love
my immediate family, Lindsay, and a few of my friends.
That is it. This is how I knew about love:
I went to Harris’ a few days ago and had a lot of
fun. It was just me and Harris and Robin and Jill.
Eventually, as all girls do after a certain time, Jill and
Robin fell asleep and it was just Harris and me. We were
talking, shooting the shit as usual, and then we decided to
go to bed. It was, after all 5:00 in the morn. While I
was down there getting ready, Robin woke up and started
asking me all of these questions about why Harris has a
picture of Kristi on his lil fridge. Normally, I would
have either been completely on his side (because he is my
best friend, and no matter what anyone says about him, I
believe him) or completely on another person’s side (when
he’s defending some idiotic notion like how he is too
skinny). This time I was conflicted. I had no idea what
to do. I couldn’t make fun of him, I couldn’t defend him
That was when I realized that I love Robin. Not
because she’s smart, which she is, not because she’s cool,
which she is, not because of her taste in music, which she
has, but because Harris loves her. He trusts her and
honors her enough that he can spend every waking moment
with her for a week straight and never tire of her. He
trusts her fully, so I trust her. And because of that
vicarious trust, I was conflicted; it was like I was
defending Harris from Harris.
And you know what the best part is? I know he
thinks the same thing about Lindsay. I love her, and he
knows it, and because of that love, he loves her as well.
So does Bulldog, so do my parents, so do Peg & Roy.
Everyone who is close enough to me loves Lindsay both
despite and because of her weaknesses. They love her
because I love her, just as I love everyone they love
because they love everyone they love.
And that, my friends, is what friendship is truly