2002-01-18 19:57:45 (UTC)


Monday, December 10, 2001
I’ve figured out a few things today.
There are two parts in school. There are the arts,
which include music, art, and language, etc. and there is
science, which includes chemistry, biology, math, etc. In
school, the arts basically consist of saying what you think
of a particular topic in the easiest and most concise way
in the allotted time. The sciences basically consist of
memorizing patterns and data and spitting it back out when
In the real word, the sciences don’t change. No
matter what job you hold, you have to memorize something
and spit it back out when the information is called upon.
It is easy. This is why so many people have jobs having to
do with the sciences (working at McDonald’s would be a
science type of job because you memorize what is on a
burger, and keep doing it when called upon).
In the real world, the arts change dramatically.
You are no longer bound by what you have to say on a
particular subject. You are no longer bound by time. You
are no longer bound to saying what you want to say in the
most concise or easiest way. This is hard. This is why so
many of us do not pursue this venue. Art is a lot harder
than science.
There are exceptions. I mean, writing this paper
is probably not as difficult as creating a universal theory
of the universe, but when it come to inventing something
(even theories), you then go into the realm of art.
I would argue all the special cases, but you know
what I mean.
I just wanted to say that in any art profession, it
is always harder to do your job than in any science
And that’s what I think.