Mr. Mister

2001-04-17 04:30:53 (UTC)

Creative Outlet

I had my initial consultation with my design specialist
today. You see, I’ve purchased a domain name and wish to
create a web site. Hopefully this won’t be another in a
series of good ideas for which I produce too little. I
think I like my design specialist. I find this person
somewhat inspiring where creativity is concerned. I’ve
been so into work and me lately that I’ve forgotten what a
necessity it is to have a creative outlet. The
diary/journal thing is sposta help there, too.

Howard came home from the hospital today. He sounded
Soooooooo happy to be home. I was quite happy to hear him
happy. Scott wants to refinance the house in Seattle and
it looks like I’ll be selling out. Mom and Pop are kinda
broke and, as corny as it sounds, I’m happy to be in a
position to help them out if I can. I guess I’ll get about
15K out of the deal and I plan to put it into a CD or
something no-risk and rather liquid so that I can give it
to the folks as needed.

MAN I’ve been staying up too late.

STILL haven’t done evals or internal controls for work.

I wish wish wish I could find some way to inspire
organization in myself.