Book of Shadow and Light
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2002-01-18 19:32:55 (UTC)

How goes it? I haven t..

How goes it?

I haven't written for a few days, due to, well,
laziness. I've been lazy, lazy, lazy. That's over now, as
I'm writing in my journal. Not much happened this week,
and I'm very glad that the week is over. Thank the goddess
for the three day weekend! I'm happy that something good
came out of a mans death, as terrible a thing it was.

Well, enough of that. One of the few good things to
happen this week is that this morning I received my class
ring. 'Bout time is all that I have to say. Some schools
don't give their students rings until the last day of the
11th grade. Glad my school gives them as soon as they get
a chance. I payed for the thing and now I'm glad to be
wearing it. As many have said it is very much me. The
stone is aquamarine--my birth stone--with a pair of crossed
swords engraved into the back of it. The ring its self is
silver with a dragon and James on one side and has 2003
along with the sign of Pisces on the other. I enjoy it,
though I wish that you could get a class ring WITH OUT your
schools name on it. Heh. "Yes, I graduated from
Monticello. Yes, sir, that is the crappiest school in the
country." I can see it now. Ah, well!

Well, see ya, I'm off.

'Till the Morrow
James (Drinin)

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