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2002-01-18 19:03:05 (UTC)

every friday's a tie day..

i'm wearing my tie once again and me and my friends decided
that we're gonna wear them ever friday..gotta go out and
get me some more ties..

WHERE'S LIZZIE?!?! all craziness..

i'm happy..i've been happy a lot lately..good moods for me.

but yesterday i was mad though..i don't like alex..i don't
think that i ever can anymore..i don't like what he's doing
to jeremy.. jeremy was always a good friend to him..he was
too blind to see it..i swear if he does anything to hurt
jeremy in any way, i'll..i'll...well, i'll do something
about it..and he'll regret that he ever messed with someone
that i really care about..oh God, i wish someone would just
smack some sense into that boy..he needs a good hit in the
jaw anyway.

poor jeremy..he's had a lot of homework lately and it's
stressing him out..i kinda know what that is like(even
though i don't do homework..but i swear i'm gonna try
jeremy)..the senior project put me through a lot of
stress..hey jeremy if you need any help i'm here for you
always!..i'm sorry that it's getting hard for you at the
end of the semester..but i think that you're doing fine..
just keep up the hard work..i know you'll get through this
and that you'll go to a college that you want to go to..
make the best of it all..

i'm kinda getting scared for my old friend evi..we don't
talk anymore but i hear that she isn't even gonna try and
do anything..and she chose the same subject as i did..and
it was work but it wasn't impossible and i know that she
can do it but she doesn't want to bother with all the
stress so now i'm kind of stressing for her..i gave her my
paper to see if she can come up with any ideas..if she's
not gonna try then she should just drop out of highschool
because she's not gonna graduate if she doesn't do it..i'm
kind of considering talking to her again because i want her
to graduate..and if i need to help her then i will..

kat is still confused about all she's going through..kat i
want you to think about what you's not too late
yet kat..he still likes you..

i'm gonna try and stay happy for as long as possible..i'm
not gonna let these problems get to me..their not mine!!..
but i still want all these people to know that i care for
them no matter what..i'm gonna be strong for you!!..i'm
gonna be strong for me!!..i am not dependent!!.. i am me!!