Lil. Playful
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2002-01-18 18:56:41 (UTC)

A true friend

my life hae been very hard these past few days. my love
life , my shool life, and my home life. my friends have
been there for me but i dont like to bug them with all my
boaring problems. the person who i thought that i could not
tell was the one who actully helped me out through this
hard time. its funny to think that teachers are not only
people who are always on your feakin case about not doing
your homework but they are there to listen to your
problems. My teacher helped me out so much and im thankful
for him right now. although we dont have much in commomn i
felt like he was a life long friend. its not everyday that
you find someone like him in life he actully understood
what i was going through and didnt think bad about me (im
not a bad person, its not my fault people get funny over me)
i mean funny as in stalking me and following me around to
see who im with and what im doing all the damn time ies
hard. im so paranoid its not even funny..i mean how freakin
low can a guy go? when you say no that really means no! oh
well nothing can go any worse that what has happened to me
its all getting better it only takes alot of time.
my boyfriend is a big loser! but its ok because i love
him."sucker" (see what i mean) hes so funny looking he
scares everybody away. "boo" dude anyways,hes laughing at
me!!"not" i better go now bye 145 i am so much in love with my
boyfriend im so thankful for him....

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