casey vespa

street knife fight
2002-01-18 17:59:49 (UTC)

sex and violence...

hey i am the lady in grayyyy today...or is it grey? hmm. i
just do NOT know the answer to these mind boggling
questions...aieeeeee! wow that just came outta no
where...i dont think ive ever written "aieeeeee" in my
life. cool? eh whateva man. so hi, im not at school
because well, because i am a forgetful SLACKER. ::sigh::
yeah so i guess we were having twoooo tests and a huge mid-
year notebook check today and oh jeez where is my notebook
when i got home from school yesterday? oh in the art
room...locked up in my locker thing. greeeeeeat. ah
whateva...haha i was just like, moooooom, my tummy doesnt
FEEEEEL gooooood. :( and she was like, ok so dont go to
school today...and i was like, pretending to be totally
bummed and sorta out of it, rubbing my face and i
said, ::siiiiigh::: ok...and went back to beeeed. :) hee
hee. and i juuuust woke up. but the thing is now my tummy
DOES kinda hurt : ehhh..maybe its because of the juice
and m&m's i ate...whoooo knows...whateva man ill be A-ok.
ive eaten worse stuff than THAT....

So besides all this BORING stuff...there is a show this Emmmmber show...the band in which Ashe is
in..and i SO SO SOOOO want to go! man oh man ohhhh MAN!
agh. ok let me just be all stupid and hopeful for ONE
second...i met this guy online at makeout club..and i just
decided to talk to him because he really did look quiiiite
cute and his writing i dunno, it appealed to me. so i did
and it turns out he knows ashe and blah blah blahhhhh. its
an interesting story really but my brain is still waking
up. so annnnyways, we are GOING to hangout (haha, im so
determined...) and makeout? sigh. i hope so : ive heard
good things about him from heather and this girl
alex...and i dont think heather would lie to me. its weird
if this were last year, i would be all freaked out
thinking he wouldnt like me or somethin like that. i guess
i really HAVE changed a lot (someone told me that the
other day...then he asked for me #...bleh! bobby! :
( )...haha, i really AM NOT braggy, in case you dont know
me, because yesterday i had one of those moments where you
just are like, "wow, hhhyeah, i guess i AM pretty
hot...cooool." its a really good thing. i thought i would
get all fat like RIGHT when i stopped running, but i feel
if anything less muscley and huge. haha...huge? im like
size 3. i shouldnt be such a weirdo. but ah well...we all
have our standards for ourselves eh? so now i am TOTALLY
excited at merely the prospect of meeting him...and maybe
making out with him and suuuuch? sigh. i have a huge
feeling of good happy stuff filling my heart. its

*** i put on my overcoat and walked into winter my teeth
chattered rythms and they were grouped in 2's or 3's like
a morris-code message was sent from me to me... and cars
on slippery slopes were stuck people pushing through their
mittens as i was beginning to feel it soaking through my
shoes feeling colder with every step i took to your
apartment dear...***

please dont crush my heart...i can actually feel it full
inside of my chest.