The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-01-18 17:36:47 (UTC)

The best thing ever...

My friend Dirty (that's his nickname) has made my day and
practically my entire week. He has got to be the best
ever. Ok, like I said before, my birthday is next week and
a couple of my friends aren't going to be here for it,
Dirty included. Well, Dirty called me last night and told
me that he felt bad about not being here for my birthday
so he is going to take me out to dinner next week. I know
that that doesn't seem like such a huge thing but it's
just that he's so thoughtfull about how sad it would make
me if I thought that he had forgotten. Yes, I know I'm too
easily touched by the actions of others but it just makes
me feel so squishy inside that he wants me to have a good

Oh... something else that has to be the best ever. My
roommate invited me to go with her to her Gramma's house
in Florida. Not only to her Gramma's but also to go to
Disney World... which I've not been to since I was like 4
yrs old. I'm pretty extatic that I'm getting to go and the
perchase of tickets into the Magic Kingdom and Epcot
Center are what my parents are getting me for my birthday
which thrills me to no end. (I am after all in college and
money tends to be a bit tight.) I love amusement parks and
Disney World is so much more than an amusement park I know
that I will burst with happiness while I am there. My
friend Scott is convinced that the last time he was there
at Epcot that one of the drinking fountains talked to him
so it is my mission to try every drinking fountain in the
park and see if one of them talks to me. It will be vastly
amusing... I'll have so many pictures from Disney World
that everyone I know will feel as though they have been
there as well.

Mittens... mittens have got to be the best hand wear in
the world! I mean they keep your hands so nice and toasty
warm. They are much better than gloves which seperate your
fingers so as not to hold in the heat from the other ones.
I especially am enjoyng my fleece mitens which have the
added bonus of being fuzzy as well as warm. It snowed here
last night which makes the wearing of mittens an even more
enjoyable event.

I have always wondered why God... in all his vastness...
has not made it more possible for women to pee standing
up. I think that the greatest bathroom fixture ever made
is the urinal but I am a girl and therefore cannot use one
(how sad for me)... its outrageously unfair! Even though I
don't get to use that nifty little item, I do get to do a
presentation about them... along with other bathroom
fixtures. My friends Scott and Alisha and I are presenting
for the Spring Roundtable (for the Honors Program) a cute
little piece on the cultual impact of modern day plumbing
(the professional title... the presentation is really
because the 3 of us are highly amused by fixtures in the
potty house). At these types of conferences people like to
see presentations that are out o' the ordinary so I am
sure that many people will show up to see ours... the more
the merrier!

Ok, well, it's off to read some before I have to go to my

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