Thoughts from Blue Angel
2002-01-18 17:31:39 (UTC)

Change of Atmosphere

The day I have been waiting for all year is fast
approaching- Brittany is moving out on Monday. There are
just no words whatsoever to describe how ecstatic I am!
Right now, she's asleep, snoring. This is the last time I
will ever listen to her snore. All the ugly construction
paper butterflies that were on the walls on her side of the
room are sitting in a pile on her desk, along with all of
her almost-as-ugly posters. Much of her stuff is packed
away in little boxes, ready to go.

Now, I just have to wait until Monday. She'll be going
home with a friend tonight and I'll be going home tomorrow
morning. When I get back Monday afternoon, she'll most
likely be in the process of moving her things into her new
room. I absolutely cannot wait.

In addition to Brittany's moving, the entire atmosphere on
our floor has changed drastically in the last week. Doors
have been staying open again. It's starting to feel like
the beginning of the year again- only now there are only 7
people left, as compared to 12 when we started (which is a
small number anyway). We've been interacting with each
other much more, and it really makes it much easier to live
in this building.

Tyler and I talked on the phone for 2 and a half hours
Wednesday night after my Senate meeting. It was really
great. We're going to watch a movie tonight and then he's
coming over here to exchange our Christmas presents. He's
also promised to help me carry my new mini-fridge up the
stairs on Monday when I get back. It's really nice to know
that we're finally reaching the point where we'll have a
physical (not sexual) relationship again, instead of just
talking on the internet and bumping into each other on
campus every once in a while.

I think with these changes, I'm going to feel a big
difference in my life. I feel like a gigantic amount of
tension has been taken out of the air on my floor and
especially in my room.

And now, I can keep my door open again.