I did it MY WAY!
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2002-01-18 17:28:00 (UTC)

Weekend 12/16/01

The weekend is nearly over. P had her sleep-over Satruday
night and I guess it was a glimpse of the young girl she
is becoming. I barely heard the girls other than muffled-
joyous giggling from behind a closed door. They were in
the room t-heeing about boys. It just made me smile. I am
glad that she has friends her age and this girl S seems
very sweet. P had some birthday cake and we gave her a
present....all in all a quiet celebration, but one I think
she really enjoyed. I love having little girls! I am so
blessed to have them. I hope P enjoyed her time as much as
I ejoyed letter her be w/ her peer ( & not just her little
sister). It would be nice if she had some girlfriends in
the neighborhood - but maybe it is better that there
aren't. Girls can be so mean to each other (Well, kids in
general) at least there is some distance, and that is a
good thing!
Geez, I am a little tired and not making much sense. I
will try again tomorrow......