U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2002-01-18 17:06:12 (UTC)

i wanna be loved

I don't undersatnd myself, I want a boyfriend sooo bad, but
when boys go after me, i push them away! Y ,Y IN GODS NAME
Y! I can't take it. I only want what I can't have and once
I get my guy, I don't want him anymore, am I doomed to be
single forever? I need a boyfriend, some1 everyone wants,
but no one can have,lol. I bet u money if he started going
after me i would stop liking him.seriously. I want a guy,I
just want a affection, a guy to be all over me and only me
at a party, I ususally get that, but sometimes, I just wish
it was real, not just some guy who wants to hook up with me.
I don't know, am I digging my self i a hole, am I gonna be
like this forever?
please write back

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