Joey has Turtle Power
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2002-01-18 16:41:03 (UTC)

I'm bored.

I'm sick of going over to the SAME peoples' house every
night to get high.... I'm almost to the point where I'd
rather drive around and use up all of my gas than go over
to their house. All we do over there is either watch tv,
play dominoes, or smoke (while watching tv or playing
dominoes).... It's getting a little tedious.
Toby's mom put the smack-down on him, so we can't go over
there to smoke anymore. That really really sucks, because
I'd rather go over there ANYDAY than to J&J's. I don't
know why, either.. it's the same thing. Oh well.

My first week of school is finished man!!!! We have every
friday off, which is very cool. And we have this monday
off for MLK-day. I'm doing well in class, but it's pretty
frustrating to not know everything.... I'm still memorizing
the goddamned alphabet. TK=D PW=B SR=V TKPW=G
GAAAHHH!!! That's not even a fourth of what i have to have
memorized by Tuesday. Oh well Oh well Oh well. I'll be
alright. Everyone's going the same pace as I am.

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