The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-01-18 16:34:40 (UTC)

After Christmas Break...

I am finally back to school from Christmas break... I've
actually been back for about two weeks. I was happy to be
home the first couple of weeks that I was there and don't
get me wrong I love my folks but once you are on your own
for any extended amount of time it is weird to be around
them all the time. I guess I just want to do my own thing
and not want to have to answer to anyone else. Plus, since
I've been away my mom has gotten more clingy then she was
before... she never wants me to leave the house and she
complains about me leaving early to come back to campus.
Well anyway, I'm glad to be back with my friends and
classes this semester are going well so far. They are
going to be time consuming but not hard... being an
Education major is a lot of work!

My birthday is next week and I'm pretty excited that I'm
going to be 20. I wanted to have a birthday party but it
seems that most of my friends already have plans for next
weekend. That kinda makes me sad that they're not going to
be around for my birthday but I suppose it's time to grow
up and stop making such a big deal out of birthdays.

Well, it's time for me to go walking with my roommate...
I'm going to make myself a note so I don't go so long
without writing next time.

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