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2002-01-18 16:14:33 (UTC)


Wow, I think I just had fun. No really. I just went out
with the guys I used to work with (as one of them is
leaving today - so only 2 of them turned up to my leaving
do, but that's another story) and I think I actually
enjoyed myself. So it took me about an hour and a quater to
get there and the same to get back (didn't buy that car in
the end) but had a few pints and a few games of pool and
got to see me mates. Well, there's prolly only the one guy
I'd call a proper mate (and he's a good mate dependant on
what's happenin - difficult to explain but read on and I'll
giv e it a go) but the rest are all good guys and good to
hang out with. Although they are all still working so it
was only for a couple of hours but good non the less. So
this one guy, he used to be my team leader when I was
working at that office. He used to be friends with my
missus too back when she was fun and into going out and
having a good time. He used to be really weird so to speak
but he's a really good mate now. We don't talk n stuff like
some people do with good mates but we just get on and see
things from the same sort of prespective. He's very clever,
which is good for me cos I find it difficult to find people
I can connect with on the same level (according to MENSA
I'm in the Worlds top 1% smartest people so lotsa people
find me annoying and a kinda brainiac type prson - my
missus included) plus he's always up for getting pissed.
Never has an money mind but it's fun all the same. Plus
he's not that much better at pool then me (appauling) so
that's cool too. Anyways, the guys a good mate but my
girlfriend desn't like him any more cos he's kinda an
escape to the fun world for me. He doesn't seem to like her
any more either though so I guess it evens out.
I was just listening to Linkin Park on the TV and they seem
to be coming from the same place as me. She doesn't like
them so they're never allowed on the box but listening to
the lyrics n all they all seem to be about some bitch who
fucked them over or who is giving them a hard time. That
whole "everything you say to me, takes me one step closer
to the edge." and the whole "tried so hard - got so far"
thing. I think I'm gonna download the albumn and have a
listen (yeah, like I'd pay for it). Having said that their
music does make me want to go break stuff. Or drive fast. I
need a car god damn it.
The one I was gonna get the other day was fucked so I
didn't get it but I had a look at another one at a
different place and I may get that one cos it's still nice
and roomy inside which I like cos it's gotta be confortable
but it's not so great from the outside, althoug it was dark
so I'm gonna have to go back in the light and see.
Ooh, I got a job interview on Moday which should be OK I
think, doing the same sort of stuff I did before but it's
int he middle of town so we'll have to wait and see how it
goes. I know she's got some work at the place she works she
could get me into but for some reason (can't guess what)
she denies it and keeps offering it to some other guy we
used to work with (who said he is obsessed with her -
stalker kinda guy too)

Well, that's all I can do for now cos the beer is getting
to me.
Laters people.