writings on the wall
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2002-01-18 15:02:43 (UTC)

the countdown begins...

one month exactly from today, i will be off to
Melbourne. can't hardly wait and time seems to pass so
slowly when i am still here. i longed for the day that
i'll be attending classes again. i know that this will
sound weird but it's the truth. the last time i was
studying in college was about 3 months ago, working my ass
off for my finals. it was tiring but worth it.

i think God is good to me when it comes to studies.
it's like every time i'll work hard in the last minute and
still get good results. sometimes i wonder if the others
around me are too lousy or the examiners are too lenient.
my conclusion: God is fair after all. so each time, i'll
promise myself that i'll work harder and more consistently
the next semester but when the time comes, the history
keep repeating itself. procrastinating is seriously one of
my worst habits but hey, at least i am not smoking (yet!)

so now i am sitting here, swearing that i'll work
hard when i get to Australia but who knows what will
happen? mom said that i should find myself a part-time job
and i was like "huh?" i am supposed to do 4 subjects per
semester, which i am not used to because i only do 3 max
here. what is worse is that the stupid uni decided to give
me only 7 subjects exemptions for my first year, meaning i
have to do 5 subjects for my first semester! man, does that
suck or what???

thinking of not coming back for the summer break at
the end of the year although i already bought an open
ticket. who cares? but then grandma is worried that if i
don't come back at that time, i may never see her again.
so should i or should i not? i wanna learn surfing
remember? and i am sure that if i come back, mom will make
me stay long, and i mean REAL long!