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2002-01-18 14:21:02 (UTC)


I'm suppose to be at school right now, but I had a flat
this morning. I suppose I'll go to make it to second block.
I have two test today, so I might as well go :( I'm gonna
check out at lunch, so I can go to Macon. We have a game
tonite.....SENIOR NITE!!!!! Man, I really haven't had time
to put any entries in this thang. I've been working so much
and school is taking up a lot of my time. I've also been
putting things down to spend time with Brian. I know I
shouldn't be sacraficing my school work over any dude, but
I have. I know I have to change that though. I've been
staying out until 11 on school nites and not going to bed
until about 1, and that's because I had homework to do. I
gotta get back on track. But anyway, the whole thing with
Brian is cool. We are getting comfortable around each other
and making jokes and stuff. It's cool though. I asked my
mother if she wanted to meet him and she said no because
she said I will soon be going off to school and I don't
need to get involved with anyone. Ummmm....it's not like
I've been with that many people! Ya know. There's only been
Mr. Hill and that was BS, so I don't get how she can say
that. But to be honest, I didn't plan to get close to him
anyway. I know myself and I know that I'm not good for the
whole relationship thing. My eyes are still looking! Oh
yeah, Sipp be blowing me up! I get a call from him
everyday. LOL....for some reason, that's funny to me. LOL.
He said he might pay me a visit tomorrow. Yeah, SURE! Other
than that......nothing too major has been going on. It's
just been....ya know.....going. I got a three day weekend
coming up, so that's cool. I probably won't do much. Well,
let me go....words are getting really