Fitz's Suga

Replying to Adam
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2002-01-18 14:15:32 (UTC)

I'm better than you are in math!

Hey Adamy, thanks, I'm back in business and your good ol'
buddy Justin is back! lol! He said he'd burn me a copy of
satlite by pod! Isn't that tight! Well I hope you have a
good full day of school because I only have a half day
thank the lord. I just did wonderful on my business exam.
And by the way I have a 97 in GEOMETRY-booya, I've already
have passed Algebra with flying colors! And then I have
advanced Algebra over the summer! haha, I wish I was in bio
though, that's no fair! I could have gotten into it if I
had studied, but knowing me I didn't when I went to test
out of it! damn! I don't understand why these guys in my
class purposly ripped ones. It was funny about the first 20
times or so, but what's so unfair is I can't participate! I
have to keep some respect for myself! lol! I mean it would
be different if it was between Rachel, you, and Wes,
because I would beat all you! But in class, it's just not
worth it! lol! I'll write you later hun! Tell the
Abercrombie Model I love him! lol!
Fitz's Suga, the gansta ho! lol!

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