Squeeb's world
2002-01-18 13:26:24 (UTC)

She's alive!

Wow! Was I ever shocked when I checked my email the other
day and had one from Jess. I thought I would pass out. Tears
sprang to my eyes just cuz I honestly thought she didn't
want anything more to do with me. Apparently not. She said
she felt as though she had failed me as a friend and stuff.
And how she thought Kim was like my best friend now or
whatever. So I emailed her back and told her what had gone
through my head the past couple of months and how although
yes, Kim IS my best friend, so is she. We've shared way too
much to just let it go.
Onto other things- my baby emailed me the other day in
reply to the one I sent him. He also talked to me first when
I came online. That brought a smile to my face. Oh how I
love him!
Anyways I should get my ass in gear for placement. Later!

Current mood: relieved
Current music: news on the Wolf