B's Thoughts
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2002-01-18 13:18:08 (UTC)

This is a piece..

ok today just sux. it's rainy and it's cold and it's rainy,
and it's exam week next week, otheriwse known as hell
week, i'm like trying to survive life, i'm just praying for
this year to be over soonREALLY SOON!! b/c what i only
have i think 4 or 5 months left but hey i'm flippin out
about college to and it's not cool!! college is a piece!
that's right i just hope i get into to where i apply, my
father is crazy, he's willing to send me to a private
school in another state, but won't be willing to send me
up north, in the same state like 3 hours away, the
question is how bad is he trying to get rid of me???? i
actually feel that him sending me away is GREAT!!! Go
ahead pal go ahead

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