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2002-01-18 13:08:48 (UTC)

I never want to get old

You know what? i'm sure you do cause youy just read the
title. It is true, i never want to get old. I used to
think about how nice it could be to grow old and get grey
hair and have children and grandchildren but.... i don't
know. i mean it is so much harder to do anything. your
always tired and you look it. you never get do to fun
things like go out and party like you did when you were a
teenaged trouble-making hooligan. doen't that make you
sad? doesn't that make you start singing "my generation"
in your head "i hope i die before i get old"? it sure
makes me sing that.

which brings me to another point. most likely i will grow
old, and i want to be able to say "well i can't do those
fun things that i did when i was a teenager... but i sure
did have fun doint them when i was a teenager!" like i
don't want to look back and regret that i stayed home all
the time, and freaked out over my grades that realy didn't
matter, and acted sensibly and was a good girl. you know?
i want to have fun... because i figure reflecting on the
crazy times of my salad days might help me get through the
boring stagnant days of my old age.


well... off to do an exam. but rest assure, when they are
over, i'm going to party like its 1984!!!


lots of love, friends