Skuz9c1's Thoughts
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2002-01-18 12:38:31 (UTC)

Sir, Move Your Car or It'll Be Moved For You!

Heh, how i love my job. so anyways ITS THE WEEKEND!!!!!! i
am so fucking stoked right now, so much to do, so little
time, return things, buy things, fix things, remove things.
this weekend is gonna rule. lots to do, Black Hawk Down, so
much antcipation and im gonna see it in 12 hours . umm,
really tired right now and i need to get up at 3 to get my
check cashed and withdraw sum monies. If everything go
smooth, im happy, and when im happy, everyone gets gifts
from me. anywho, more when im home and not tired enough to

Current Muzic - Flaw - Payback

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