De-Tet-aCh Memoir
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2002-01-18 12:25:10 (UTC)

Work and Booze

Friday 17/01/02

Worked all day from 9 to 5... had another meeting with my
directors, they've decided on the initial product
specifications and will fill me in on their user
requirements soon. Meanwhile, i'll have to read up on
Windows Network Programming...dammm it's tough.... dunno if
i can produce in time...but i'll try....

really tired at the end of the day, david called for i met him downtown at kitty's, an irish pub..
had some booze, edward joined us too.. he's a fellow
coursemate in software project... the 3 of us chatted for
about 4 hrs till was quite relaxing..boozing
and chattin in the cosy bar... we talked about anything
under the sun, from bitchin professors to xbox to drugs...
turned out edward is just living 10 flats away from my
place!! it's barely 20m away, coolz...

this is another long weekend...monday is wellington
anniversary day, so it's a public holiday...but i'll havta
spend this time brushin up on my C skills...the MFC's
really tuff to master...sheesh...

it was hongjian's birthday..called him and had a nice was good catchin up... and i bought a new
cellphone!!! finally..after months of not owning's
great being mobile again...hehehe

slave to the technology world...

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