Realizations of a 24yr old convict
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2002-01-18 12:14:35 (UTC)

she said monster trucks

Happy tonight. Dont know why listening to the animals
slipping into darkness. Lifes so strange belive that and
daily I trip on how really insane people are. I know people
think that of me. But I find comfront in the fact that no
one who knows me thinks that. They see the ryme and reason
and understand where Im comming from even when they dont
agree I like that. People spend way to much of there time
worrying about what other people think this I belive.
And I like to walk this world and not be a complete freak
at this point. But I dont really worry about it people are
genrally stupid and weak and all emotionally wounded and
there thoughts dont really matter to me, to most of them
there thoughts dont count to themselfs there just mumbling
some shit to ocupie the time in there boring pointless
lives or try to make there situation. I remember some on
saying some shit about blowing out other peoples candles to
make theres seem brighter. Fuck how true a ring there is to
that cliche. Its not mean people suck Its "people suck"
love them as I do how fucking lame are they.
OOOhhh freddy frender before the next tear drop falls.
Its the jam. fuck should have thrown wasted days and wasted
nights into this mix. I think 18 with a bullet is next so
Im cool.
Im not trying to put anyone down but think about it think
about the people you let put you down its the whole check
your sorces thing. Oh yeah and just cause other people may
follow some idiot or back his play it dont mean shit There
idiots too.
Fuck people Im not writting this because of me Im just
writting it because so many of you are so great but you
bore me to death because you wont just come out the box
swinging. Let it be known who you are fuck what a world
this would be.But no I see you at school at work when Im
hanging out with people when I really start to know some of
you and who you are creeps out your thoughts your Ideas
your hearts. I get all impressed all stoked on the world
then I start having fun. Donna donna the prima donna
playing now love oldies. Anyways fuck you weak ass fucks
you make me sick make me bored thats why I dont date the
divas anymore. Even the girl who doesnt know what puma is
Was like whats up go see some monster trucks this weekend
with me. I told her I didnt own a wresting shit,but mabe
ill check it out just for the fact she was like,
"You gotta see em there great, I love monster trucks"
God thatd piss the divas off, If this chick got me.
Ha fuck em. What else to say nothing really just impower
your self, be your self.
And please stop boring me to death,

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