It smells like poop over here
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2002-01-18 07:28:20 (UTC)

down in the cool air,

i can [email protected]! rob zombie, oh yeah! i guess i haven't had
much to say in the past few days, i haven't done much. hung
out, worked, school, same ole same ole.
i had a good day today though, went to school, then so the
auto show, with giulia, dean, joe, dante (giulia's other
brother), dante's friend nick, and ken. it was a rockin
good time. lot's of badass cars too. this buick concept has
suicide doors, and their voice activated, and the chick let
me say "open doors" on the mic, and sure enough, they
opened. the spedometer was cool too, it was on an LCD
screen that goes into the dash, and the consule does the
same thing. i was chillin in this awwwwwesome lexus too,
that car is so piss. it had a touch screen consule, and a
badass set up. anyway, we went to ram's horn for dinner,
and we were just joking around, laughing, and having a good
time. this lady that was by use was getting a little
adjetated with us, and she's like, "if you don't stop
monkeying around, im goin to slap you and i mean it!" she
was all french n shit and talking to dante, but i got
pissed. then she bitched at us for that 9-11 shit. she
tried to say that it was people like us that cause osama to
bomb the trade center. i was like "what do terroists
attacks have to do with us having a good time at ram's
horn? it's my day off let me enjoy it." giulia told me not
to be a smartass, cause...i don't really know why, but i
listened to her.
funny thing there, i like giulia, a lot. she's one of my
best friends...again, and she used to like me like me, and
now, i think i like her like that. like i've realized i
flirt with her, without knowing really. but im too afraid
to do anything about it. it's like, she's kinda heavy set,
and not as attractive as some other girls i know. god,
everything i dont' want to be, i am. shallow. i don't want
to date a girl because she's not sexy as all hell and stark
raving hot. fuck me. im an asshole. im to involved in what
people would think of me if i wanted to be with her. she
always talks about how hot her sister is and stuff like
that. but i just wanna say "your so much more beautiful
that her, and your sexier (her sister is just fat, that's
it, and a bitch at that) and your beautiful on the inside,
your a beautiful person." that could either destroy our
relationship, or send it off on some journey that i ain't
ready for. i dont' wanna date now anyway, plus, with my
attitude, i shouldn't anyway. fuck, i just realized how
shallow i am. oh god, that sucks. i gotta try to get back
into my old frame of mind, when i didn't care about what
others thought. damn, well, it looks like i did have a lot
to say, and a lot to find out about myself. fuck me, later.