poisoned darkness
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2002-01-18 06:41:56 (UTC)

who am i?

i'm 19, english, irish, italian, and polish
i write poetry and fiction.
i think i'm catholic, i was last time i checked.
i'm in theatre.
i study theology for kicks.
i haven't picked a pen name.
i will publish poetry someday.
i think i'll be teresa beaumont.
i'll explain annother time.
i enjoy sex.
i want love.
and i can't seem to find them in the same person.
i like physical pain.
i am self destructive.
but i am not suicidal.
i don't want to die.
i just don't want this life anymore.
i don't want to be used for sex.
i don't want to use anyone for anything
i love music.
its in my blood
i am an artist.
i am a potter.
i am a poet.
i am a writer.
and in my world,
i am god.