Emotional Fluctuations
2002-01-18 06:23:11 (UTC)

Well, I've done something...

I've done or said something 2 upset Dana, I don't know what
it is or even if there really is an it. I've decided not 2
question her about it or prod or push the issue, I'll just
wait and see. Anyway. The play I'm n is opening soon and
the lines r still not solid.. and I have a feeling that the
lines n this r very important considering the r all 2 hip-
hop or operatic music. Did I not tell u about the play? I'm
n a play called Keep Hedz Ringin' and I play Ra, producer
turned Record Exec and label mogul. I have all teh
power...when the play starts. It is based off Wagner's Ring
Cycle and I play the role of the god who cheats the
subterranean (sp?) out of the Orphean Disc (or n Wagner's
case the ring) Afterwards, my world turns 2 shit and I get
2 watch it all crumble. YEAH!!! I get 2 play a tragic
figure full of greed, dishonesty and hatred. I get 2 b
despised. I'm so happy. But like I said, we open hella (the
name of my label) soon and some of us r not close 2 being
ready (not me of course). I'm not overly worried per-se but
I am a tad bit nervous. Also, I just got word that the
Imagination Players just got a 10 gig deal from the school
district and that = $$$. And time and commitment that we
have very little of but that is what I'm best at: creating
greatness out of pressure... (not 2 sound modest or
anything :-)) Well, I gotta go. I hope that Dana eventually
let's me know what I've done or what is going on cause I
don't like not knowing. Peace & B Wild.