Nick's Journal
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2002-01-18 06:02:16 (UTC)

West End

so i've eaten at west end twice in a row now. for those
of you that don't go to virginia tech, west end is an
exquisite eatery that serves only the snobbiest. it's
pretty much the on campus alternative to getting raped by
an elephant while eating.......yeah that's how
excruciating these people are. see before you read this
you have to realize something. i am SO much better than
everybody, that's why i can judge people. see you know
this guy Jesus Christ? well i'm just a notch above him.
so in case you were worried that i may not have the right
to judge others based on stereotypes and generalizations
then your fears can be rested.
so anyway, i don't know how you all feel about frat guys
and sorority girls but i'm not exactly "cheering" for
them. the guys are fine, in fact i even know a lot of
cool guys that are in frats, so i'm gonna specify it to
the ones that i saw. you know the ones i'm talking about.
the ones that have necks the size of a bulldog, and the
brain the size of a walnut. they're the ones that walk
around dragging their knuckles and grunting. they think
it's funny when they chug beers and then show how strong
they are by smashing chairs over each other's backs. what
i can't stand bout them at west end is that they waste
space. i think that if i would have taken the one guy
infront of me and replaced a pile of shit there society
would have been just as well off. plus it wouldn't have
smelt that badly. plus, they give those horribly
competitive looks. it's an eatery for god's sake! i'm
not gonna take your steak! so give me a break! i can
understand if we're at a party and you think i might drink
the beer from your cup, but it's ok, i know it's tough for
you to comprehend.
now comes the bad part. the girls. the sorority girls.
not only do they somehow manage to cram a day's worth of
conversation into 20 seconds but they talk about the
dumbest shit. i guess that they have to speak at 100
words a second, cos if they actually could keep up with
themselves then they would realize how stupid they were.
they whirl through their lives in a hectic hurricane of
words, trying to impress the walnut brained thick necked
phys ed majors. they're hateful, and they scorn anyone
that's not up to par. if guys think they have it tough at
parties when frat guys pick fights with them, they haven't
seen shit. in one of my classes one of those girls sat
down to this one girl and then looked at her, quickly got
up and moved away, but not without giving her a look of
disgust. so there i am at west end. eating my food and
listening to them. worried about all the fat in the fat
free pretzels. they judge all those that don't look like
them, and they ride the wave of popularity through their
36 years at college. little do they know that they're on
the crest of that wave, and that it's only declining since
they're senior prom. when it comes crashing down, they
gonna be mighty uncomfortable when all of that sand from
the beach gets in their pussy.......or for those of you
that aren't good with stupid metaphors. when the reality
of the check out line at the local grocery store and
popping out babies like poptarts from a toaster have tied
them into a beautiful bow of mediocrity.
oh and that asshole song.......yeah it pertains to you
all. what goes around, comes around, and buddha don't
like, no stuck up bitches.