My Online Diary- type thing
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2002-01-18 05:45:14 (UTC)

It's Friday! Jan. 18th 2002 12:24am

Listening to: i thnk its called.. "Human Behavior" by.. my ex bf sent it to me.. i actually really like
this song.
Drinking: Orange juice
Eating: Nothing
Feeling: extremely cold..its always extremely cold in my
room. kinda angry too...I was in a really weird mood this
morning and for some odd reason.. i decided to give myself
a little haircut.. well uhhm.. it didnt exactly come out
the way i wanted it to.. wow i shoulda figured! NOTHING
DOES! it looks like Brandon boyd's (from incubus) hair..
LOL but shorter and without his bang sorta things.. lol
ahhh whatever!

It's friday! but it doesn't really make a difference what
day of the week it is. They all suck anyways. Except for
those rare* days when i get to see my boyfriend..oh god i
miss him so much.. but he hasn't called in a week so
something might be up and i hate calling people.. even my
own boyfriend.. I'm not sure what it is but I always just
tend to think im a really annoying and at the same time..
boring.. eeeeek person.. so I don't like to call people and
bore them. yeah.. thats right.. anyways.. okee
Today.. well this morning had a really weird dream.. i
remembered perfectly what it was about this morning.. but
now I CANT REMEMBER!! ugh I hate it when that happens.
anyways yeah.. then i gave myself a shit haircut... eeew
lol. Ill stop bitching about my hair now. i promise LoL..
ok. at like 10:30 at night my sister in law MADE me go
grocery shopping.. yea 10:30 at NIGHT . what kind of
a freak goes shopping at 10:30 at fucking night time! and
she bought like the whole store and took 2 hours.. i am so
tired but i have tons of things to do tonight.. my
silverchair footage from rock in rio came today.. i had to
pay this girl like 35 bucks for it.. but thats ok.. its
daniel johns! and silverchair but who cares about them. LOL
well they rock too.. just not as much as Daniel.. oh yes..
i have an obsession with DANIEL JOHNS! ok.. well I have to
go watch it NOW! hee hee

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