Life on the other side
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2002-01-18 05:26:17 (UTC)

A pretty good day (for a change)

Today started off pretty normal. i went to work and had
a slow day. nothing bad happened at work to make me want
to use. SO that in its self is very good. After work I
had to go to my IOP group. I dreaded going, but i knew it
would not las forever. I met with my counsler, and to my
supries I got some good news. The staff said it was ok for
me to move out of ober living and move into my own apt.
Also he let me leave early to meet up with two guys I was
in inpatient with (Lee V. and Mike S.) It was really great
to see them again. they are both doing well. At the AA
meeting i ran into Beau. He was someone in inpatient that
i kind of took under my wing and showed him the ropes. he
is coming over to IV soon. I can't wait. I think he is
going to try to set my up with a girl. i met her tonight
and she is very cool. i am not going to rush anything. if
nothing comes of it, oh well. Then I took Beau back to the
creek. It was nice to remind myself where I would be if I
replased. Well got to go.

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