lost in the dark
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2002-01-18 05:02:57 (UTC)

What else is there....

Hey Entry. The feeling of want is ever near. I sit here
waiting. For what I am not too sure. I feel as if there is
something missing at the moment. Thinking about things that
I would like to have. But, the strange thing is that I
think I know what I want. If i had it in my hands I would
be very happy, on the other hand to gaze from afar goes not
make me sad. What a twisted way of thinking. Almost sounds
as if, it is an obsession or Fetish. Is it ? I tell meself
that it is not. But, Y do my thoughts goto it at odd times
of the day. The thought of it makes me smile, and makes me
sad all at once.

*smacks head off wall*... OUCH... LOL

That is better. Thinking straght again. ;)

I bid you a fair well Entry, till the next time that I
speak to you.

Lost in the Dark...

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