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2002-01-18 04:42:59 (UTC)

we saw my grandmother there she said she liked your spikey hair

just got home...
its about 1130.
i didnt really get much studying done at the waffle house.
shawn and i just talked a lot. and it was a good time. im a
little concerned about him and his dealing with this whole
natasha situation. but...im sure that hell be fine. we all
are fine eventually. arent we. i seem to have a more
difficult time coping with things. but, im learning. slowly
and painfully. but i am.
i need to take a shower. but i doubt i will. i really
should have been a teenager in the late sixties. early
seventies. i think if i was id be a lot more comforatable
and sane. but anyway
lots to say and not enough words to support me here.
so im going to go actually study now. and then sleep as
soon as im done.
adrienne is being cute.
party this weekend hopefully. yay the fuck for that.

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