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2002-01-18 04:23:51 (UTC)

youve got your whole life to do something and thats not very long

GRRR. i was writing and it logged me out...

what was i saying... im talking to naomi =) shes so cool..
hehe she wrote me a message too i saw when i logged back
in.. i want to get to know her better.. i think carolines
jealous lol aww..

shes in a foul mood i think she is sad or mad about
something.. but she wont talk about it, and i dont know.
maybe cus of david moving to melbourne or whatever.

Tom got in an accident today =( on the way to work
caroline and i saw an accident and it was him and kathy and
jesse, jesse was like go to work and tell people and they
all went to the hospital but they all got released except
tom he had a heart attack =( i'm guna take him flowers to
the hopsital tomorrow cus he has no family here or
anything, just so he knows someone cares and stuf.. its so
sad. no one seemed too concerned at all, i was like am i
just less equipped to deal with stress or are you all
heartless assholes?

anyway... she wrote all this stuf about whatever and ugh..
dawn is still all like "so i could hook you up with naomi
or rachel or you could get back together with ashley take
your pick." lol shes funny.

im guna get to bed actually. big weekend. blah