Holy cow...WHAT is going on here?!!?!
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2002-01-18 04:23:07 (UTC)

lost it....and still haven't found it

Okay, so I totally lost it at rehearsal today. Luckily it
was when we were walking out to our cars. I was walking
with Kati and Tessa, and I just couldn't stand it anymore,
and I started crying. I've just had it with Marisa being
fake to me, and this whole me, her and John situation, and
the other Melissa. So I started crying so Kati gave me a
hug and let me cry on her shoulder (that sounds sooo lame,
but it's not). So John and Marisa are walking down the
hill, and Kati and I are at the bottom, and Marisa
completely ignores us (and I know for a fact they saw us),
and John stopped, and asked Tessa what was wrong, and Tessa
basically just said not to worry about it, so they went up
the hill a little ways, and were just talking about random
Yeah, this drama shit is getting out of control. It's
getting to be too much to handle. I mean, Alex and I both
almost lost it with Billy (our M.D. and Choreographer)
tonight, and we were gonna go confront the other Melissa,
but she left before we could, and then this people
liking/hating people shit, and blah blah blah. At least
Mike apologized to Tessa. That was good.
My voice is DYING! I can't lose it until February!
I want to talk to John, but I want him to talk to me first.
This sucks.

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