poisoned darkness
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2002-01-18 04:11:20 (UTC)

at least we hurt the same

thats a comfort. bob and i hurt the same. we're on an
even field. but some of the things he assumes are far from
true. actually, a good deal of them. but what the hell.
so, SCC used me for sex, well guess what, I USED HIM TOO!
why do people asume i can't use them for sex becasue i'm a
girl. i don't know what to say to him. its like talking
to a brick wall alot of times. I'M NOT SATANIC. i haven't
been. i'm fucking catholic. i just don't know how much i
can assent to what the church teaches. and yes, my family
is deeply rooted in the church and i don't know how i could
leave the church and not part of them. and I LIKE THE
CATHOLIC CHURCH, flaws and all. i am not obsessed with
Samhain any more than i am any other celtic/Druid holiday.
its the whole damn culture i find interesting.

usually, he makes rather striking and true statements.
today, that is not the case. today, it doesn't hurt
becasue its true, it hurts because of just how very wrong
he is.

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