a little piece of me
2002-01-18 03:53:51 (UTC)

home once again

i'm back home, yet again. it hasn't even been a week. i
so hate being here. matthew is watching me like a hawk
while i attempt to check my email and such. he wouldn't
even let me use his computer for it. i'm on my mom's old
shitty slow ass one. oh well. i'm still feeling like a
piece of shit. but, i have a wonderful plan, one that will
keep me going for a little while. it will definitely give
me something to think about. i'm not going to divulge just
yet. in due time :)

other than that...let's see. i feel really sick. my
stomach hurts like hell. it's not hunger, either. i ate
some pasta stuff for dinner tonight, and i just couldn't
eat much cause i felt like i was going to throw up. maybe
i'm sick. probably just the general depression bullshit.
i really don't know. i just don't feel like doing anything
at all right now. haven't felt like doing anything all day
really. i had to throw myself out of bed this morning.
i'm such a sorry excuse for a human being. and people,
don't send me messages telling me that's not true, blah
blah blah. i can think whatever i want about myself. i'm
tired of being told what i can and can't think. whatever.

well, i guess i better get going now. enough daily