nichole's mindless thinking
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2002-01-18 03:35:59 (UTC)

Boring Day

Well I went to school, walked to Diana's car listened to
her new system. Went to Geography took my final, asked this
cute boy behind me for a pencil hehe anyways the final was
easy. Afterwards I talked to Casey and Caitlin listened to
some Get Up kids, ate a crispy cream donut some kid was
selling, it was pretty good. Got out of class talked to
Lindsay, Chaunte, went and gave Logan a hug. Took my
Spanish final, uck. Got out of that class, finally, man
that class sux no people to talk to. Rode home in a packed
car again, hehe its crazy all the people that fit in
Joseph's car, I don't mind though, I sat by Joe, they
dropped me off, I got online Logan was on, yaya. Then he
got off to study so I got off too, sat here bored, watched
tv, listened to music, called some people, decided to call
Logan and hope his parents weren't home, yaya they weren't
so me and Logan talked for a while we never run out of
stuff to talk about, its great. Then he needed to study
before he went to work so he let me go. I realized I don't
really like talking online w/ him I'd rather talk to him on
the phone or hang out w/ him but since hes grounded I guess
online and between classes is about as good as I'm gonna
get till he gets ungrounded. I remembered today was thurs.
so I watched my Friends, and Will and Grace, I luv that
show it was a whole hour tonight. Could my life get any
better? haha. yaya tomarrows the last day of finals and Joe's party.
My finals tomarrow are Art and Biology my Art one should be a breeze
so I jus have to worry about my Biology final, study, shower,
Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, then finally sleep. Goodnight.

music: Jack's Broken Heart- Midnight Clear