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2002-01-18 03:23:15 (UTC)

A Day Off

I had a semi-productive day. Went to the mall with N,
AJ, and AJ's friend. SC was supposed to come, but he's a
reclusive weirdo so he didn't show. I don't understand him
at all. He's one odd young man.

Anyway, before Mike (AJ's friend) came we strolled
through the shops, spending about twenty minutes in Vicky's
examining bras. AJ was kind of embarassed, but it was
funny just the same.

Then we went to Texas Roadhouse. I love the rolls
with the cinnamon butter. Mmmmmm... The waitress looked
like she was fourteen and also seemd to have a thing for
AJ. We gave him hell for it, hehe. If SC had shown up it
would've been funnier, but we were deprived and life goes
on. Note to self: don't order the bbq chicken again
because it isn't too great. The only real drawback of the
afternoon was that there were less cute waiters and busboys
than before, heh. That was my shallow moment of the day.

After we ate the boys left and N and I went shopping at
a few other stores down the road. Then we went to work to
pick up our W2's. We chatted a bit and left. And so here
I sit.

N gave me some insight into J today, much to my
chagrin. And some more stabs of embarassment were aimed my
way when she suggested that he and I...Oh, Lord. Goodbye
for now.


P.S. I saw the SN at Wally World while I was there. I've come to
the conclusion that he wasn't as good looking as I once believed. It
is a difficult thing to lose one's youthful illusions. That was the
second one I lost today. The first isn't really worth mentioning,
but it hurt all the same.

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