Robbie M.

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2002-01-18 03:21:23 (UTC)


Sometimes I use that word and wounder if it is true. Last
night my moms boyfriend got into a really bad car accident
and i was worried. That is weird for me cuz i normally
never care about stuff like that. But i guess it is cuz my
mom cares about him so much and is so happy with him. Also
last night i was out with a friend and we were looking at
stuff for prom. Which is really cool cuz i get to go with
some one I love. But i called her so she wouldn't be
worried that i was not home yet. And when i did I heard
that she was out side with the one ex-boyfriend of hers
that i really hate. And i was pissed. All i wanted was a
cig. to smoke to calm me down but I knew that would upset
my baby so I didn't. So me and my friend headed over to her
house so i could kill the guy. But "fate" was looking after
him cuz he had just left. The thing is Tuesday night I had
just got off the phone with my baby and i was thinking
about her.And i started to write her a letter telling her
how i felt. Well i have told girls how i really felt about
them and they turn around and cheat on me. Well a part of
me was thinking that was going to happen again last night.
But "fate" was looking after me and it didn't. Some times i
can't believe the stuff we have to deal with in our lives.
It just seems to get harder every day. I am greatful that
Dennis is ok. (That's my moms boyfriend) He came so close
to passing away but fate was looking after him. Speaking of
fate... think about that word for a min. It is suppose to
deal with your life. Like your life is set up one way and
you will fallow that path. I never thought I was going to
go out with Shelly, But fate told me to ask her out and it
is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I would ide
if i lost her. I guess that is why i got so mad last night.
I am not sure but I guess I do really believe in fate. Cuz
if you look at it every thing dose happen for a reason. And
That i guess you can call fate.