Forgotten Misery
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2002-01-18 03:03:00 (UTC)

Holy shit im tired

Ok ok anyways im tired as hell right now. Worked my fuckin
ass off today and for what nothing really...I think i might
drive solo down to in not to sure i mean like following the
parents which is coo. U know what i going to like 3 proms
this year and military ball hehee hope the rents dont mind
buying to more dresses bet they wont actually i will have a
job and will buy them probaly get the one 500 one i liked
and the 300 one lol anyways yeah im going to Fc for sure
olentangy and more or less new albanys with jason then we
gota get jamie and corey there to fun anyways im tired and
welll im avioding a few so im out