If I Told U, Would U Hate Me
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2002-01-18 02:44:46 (UTC)

I Think I'm Adjusted

Well so far everything is going so well...and yeah im
actually waiting for it to fuck up ya know...i hate that
feeling but i have a gut feeling its coming and coming is and i are totally awesome and
friends are kickin ass...applied at the house
move in in two weeks...what else could be just
seems too good to be true you know...maybe im just paranoid
because im so used to everything in my life going
wrong...and once it gets good it ALWAYS goes bad...i hate
that but hopefully since ive taken a turn for the better my
life will as well...
on another subject went to guard...had fun...walked out
to smoke a cigarette with josh and paul as they were
leaving...they left i went to go back inside and the doors
were locked...i stood out there for like ten minutes till
this old guy came and opened it then he had to walk me to
the gym to make sure i was with was retarded but
oh well im home safe and bout to go eat and
finish my homework talk to u all later... oh yeah remind me
to tell you all about JESUS not as in God as in this guy
at school..he's hispanic and his name is pronounced HEYSUESS
okalie dokalie luv u all lots always