my life (as told by me)
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2002-01-18 02:38:35 (UTC)

first test...DONE

ha. it's the um, 17th. dude this is sad when i dont even
remember what the hell the date is. lol. i'm just a little
retarded sometimes. but anyways, today was my global
midterm, and i think i did pretty good on it. i mean, i
knew the essay topic, and i felt pretty good after i was
done with the test. soooo....i hope i did good. tm is my
english midterm...whoopie....cant ya tell i'm thrilled? i
hate test week, yet i love it, cuz it means no school. eh,
jess called tonight, and told me that he's studying
abnormal psychology so he can learn about me. he's just
such a nice brother, isnt he. lol. eh, i love him! he
really is the coolest. even though i havent seen him in
like forever, we still get along the same every time he
comes....staying up late, wandering the road at 3 am,
getting attacked by things that dont exist, late night
movies, stupid comments...etc. him and me are so random. oh
i believe i'm goin over to brittany's tm around 4...that is
if i clean up and my mom isnt yelling at me. lol. i told my
mom that it was pointless talking to me when i have music
on cuz i'm not listening. which is true cuz half the time i
have it up so loud that i cant even hear myself thinking.
i'm so stupid. :-D and i keep on staying up late, which
makes me even more tired for the loser tests. i'm so dumb,
i swear. ooooo! and for once, i think i understand
math...well partially, cuz i mean, i was understanding
everything my tutor was saying last nite. but watch...come
the test, i'll freeze. GRRRRR. i think tm is the last day
of health class. :( i'm gonna miss health....especially
mike! lol. but hey, we've still got lunch together.
anyways, i get to see bryan this weekend...wooooweeeeeee.
lol. actually he's not that bad, just evil every once in a
while...he almost broke my legs. ;) just kidding. but i'll
be there from saturday til monday, but thankfully, i can
get online there now! he FINALLY got the 'net. hehe. time
to do an animal check......