2002-01-18 02:31:14 (UTC)


home from work finally.
i changed the bob dylan ticket that i had and bought two
more. for emily and i. also very good seats. so im excited.
but the bestest news is that i bought le tigre and butchies
tickets for us both tonight as well.
fuck yeah man. im excited as hell.
i met my mommy and donie after work today at red lobster.
they are so cute. my mom was really drunk. and lied to me
about how much she had to drink. because i checked the bill
at the end. but you know. whatever. thats what addicts do.
i have a test, quiz, whatever tomorrow. i just remembered
that. i should go study for it. but i cant do that kind of
shit here and im sleepy. but i need to be a good student
and all that jazz. i also have to read part of a paper by
nietsche(sp) tonight. hm. laziness is a problem for me.
emilys with christin tonight. i hope that shes having a
good time.
i miss her.
i wont see her tomorrow. im working. and i wont see her
saturday. i work morning and she works night. but its
alright. shaun is probably coming into town this weekend.
he might be spending the night with me on saturday, if im
here. i doubt emily would have any kind of problem with
that one.

adrienne just called me. were supposed to hang out
tomorrow. i havent seen her in awhile. and i miss her. we
have lots of talking to do. the last time i saw her she was
so upset she couldnt even talk to me about. which is crazy.
she always talks to me. always. so yeah. but she seems
better. so im happy. i love her so much.

im still not sure what exactly im doing about that job
thing. i dont know. but...i think im not going to take it.
right now thats what i think anyway. i just...i realized
tonight that although i bitch about my job and all. it
really is a cool place to work. and, i really enjoy meeting
the people that i meet everyday. some really wicked cool
people come in there. and it makes me happy. i make peoples
day a little better sometimes. at least i hope i do. and
thats important to me. i dont think i would be emotionally
satisfied working at the other place. but...i still am not
sure. i have time though.

sandra leaves tomorrow. (ive realized after all of this
time that i am the only one who calls her sandra ever.
crazy. besides her mother.)(same with jennifer too.
everyone calls her jenn now. TWO N'S. ugh. that annoys me.
but i could never call her jenn. thats just dumb.) but yeah
so shes leaving and im not going to see her until summer.
but as soon as shes back in boston and finds everything. i
get my shit back. and thats exciting. i have already gotten
a lot back. stuff in her room. my candles yayayay. and my
favorite picture. yayayya. i love my stuff. too bad the
bitch lost my cd. heh. but whatever. =)

the cool girl from the coffee shop came into my work today.
and i talked to her for a bit. shes really nice. i forgot
she was friends with sandra and when she mentioned her i
was like oh you know her or something stupid and i felt
really dumb. i felt dumb a lot today. i was kind just dazed
out and happy all day. which is nice i guess. but yeah and
that girl was really fucking cool. i liked talking to her.

tammy or however you spell her name also came into my work
today. that was weird. i dont know this girl. dont really
like what i DO know about this girl. and im a little sick
of seeing her at my work. but, its a semi public place so i
guess ill just deal. im pretty good with dealing. most of
the time.

i feel like where i work places me directly in the midst of
all the fucking dyke drama of this city. its irratating.

shawn just called and hes off early so im going to meet him
at the waffle house talk and do some homework. study. blah.
but hes my school buddy so he can help me =)
hes an everyday friend now. and i like it. its like i see
him for a little bit almost every night. and i see him all
the time at school too. hes a great kid. (and hardcore
religious i just found out. and i think thats mad fucking

.coffee time.