The Sexy Blonde
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2002-01-18 01:57:49 (UTC)

Horrible Day

Wow, I couldn't believe how bad my 7th period class was
today, the cop came and got us. We were alone with out a
teacher for 30 minutes. We were all in trouble and I got my
first referral today , which sort of sucked. Stupid
teacher. Well I haven't exactly been communicating very
well with Jose lately.

Were doing fine, I haven't slept over at his house
for a while but I will this Friday and thats it, I'm going
to leave after we take the puppies to the vet to get their

Oh yeah I got a puppy, its real cute, he has one at
his house too! Its a chow chow, a girl, Jose's is a girl
too. I have to name it by tomorrow, so I guess I need to do
that tonight. Well have a great night, I don't have much
time, well I do, its just I hate writing in this diary!

just playing

Love, Jessica

Oh yeah I also got my homepage redone so go check it out at
[email protected], and go in my profile and click on the link!
there ya go!!


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