2001-04-16 23:08:53 (UTC)

"Da Blues"

Well, Six Flags was pretty dope whenever we were on a ride
and not stuck in a 2 hour-long line. You'd expect people to
stay home that Friday since it was the 13th, but it was
Spring Break and Good Friday, so everyone was off a work at
out of school. It was hot as hell, too. But I had fun.
Goliath aint no joke, boy! I just about died going down
that drop!

Yesterday for Easter in the morning we *my family* went to
Pechanga with Gloria's family *Nicole's mom* for breakfast.
Then, we went to Olga's house *Nicole's grandma* for an
Easter egg hunt. . .carne asada. . .blah, blah, blah.

Today was my first day back to school from our bunk-ass
week off for Spring Break. School was whack today. Davion
didn't even talk to me. He said "hi" and gave me a hug at
10 minute break. Saturday he spent the whole day with me.
We were just chillin outside. I kissed him twice *no tongue
was involved*.

Today everyone was like, "what's wrong?" No, it wasn't
Davion. I just wasn't feeling good becuz I had cramps like
a mug! The whole Davion thing didn't dawn on me until I got
home, but I aint trippin! I got that nigga. . .!

lal*lots a luh*,