stars in the sky emo in the heart
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2002-01-18 01:21:17 (UTC)

just nothing

no new shows. no guy attention. just nothing.

sometimes i feel as if im just a very dull person. most of
my friends wont hang out with me cuz they think im just sum
druggie of which i am so not. its just not fair. well yea
it is.

i was thinking about moving today. i didnt want to be here
anymore. i miss jayleb. he moved by the way. to north
carolina some place there i cant remember. i know it
started with some rrrrr sound. but my memory sucks. no
wonder i always lost to that game. im truly believing i
have add.

but enough of that. kyle comes over every now and then.
weve kept our relationship platonic. but theres someone
new. this guy gregory. no soooo emo but not soooo anything
else. hes just kinda there. hes way sweet. a cool ladies
man kinda physique. he knows how to treat a sweet emotina.
haha. but ive been seeing him for about 2 weeks now. hes in
a band. and yea i cant remember the name of that either. i
havent seen them play yet but i met him through my step
mom. hes real cute. dark black hair. ice blue eyes. kinda
tan. yumm. tall too. hes just. well hes perfect.

wow he just called me on my cell. talk about awkward timing.

well thats it for now. ill tell about my convo with dream
boy later.


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